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  • The New York Minimum Wage Tax Credit

    New York offers millions of dollars’ worth of tax incentives every year for employers. If your business is in this state, the good news is you may qualify for more than one tax credit that may each add up to thousands. These credits not only aim to boost investment in New York businesses, they also […] Read more

  • What’s the Difference Between a Tax Credit Specialist and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)?

    We here at the Tax Credit Group are tax credit specialists, but we always get a lot of questions about personal and corporate taxes and accounting. It’s understandable. For many people, the words tax and accountants are synonymous and so it’s easy to think that we can specialize in taxes and CPAs specialize in tax […] Read more

  • WOTC Piggy-Back Credits: Do They Apply to You?

    WOTC, the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, is a point-of-hire tax incentive provided by the federal government that rewards businesses for hiring employees from certain target groups. These groups of people constantly face employment barriers and have traditionally held high unemployment rates. If you hire an applicant who qualifies for WOTC, you may receive a reduction […] Read more

  • How Small Businesses can Deal with Paying Sales Tax Across America

    More and more, Americans are spending their time on the internet and small businesses are finding that if they want to connect with the customers, they have to be on the internet as well. A 2019 study by the website Big Commerce found that not only are Americans turning to the internet for information, they’re […] Read more

  • The Best and Worst States when it Comes to Taxes

    There are a lot of factors to consider when you begin to establish your business and one factor that is often overlooked is the effect state taxes will have on your business’s bottom line. Sometimes businesses forget that in addition to those federal taxes, they also have to pay state taxes and often local city […] Read more

  • Things to Know About Paid Family/Medical Leave Tax Credits

    A few years ago, the IRS made some changes to the tax credit employers receive for giving employees paid family or medical leave. The IRS code section 45S will be in effect until the end of this year, though it’s possible that Congress could decide to extend it beyond December 31, 2019. For employers, it […] Read more

  • Tax Relief for When Disaster Strikes

    The start of summer also marks the beginning of hurricane season for the south and eastern parts of the United States and the start of wildfire season in western parts of the United States. While no one ever wishes that disaster strikes, there’s always the possibility. For those who have had the misfortune of dealing […] Read more

  • Ways to Go Green and Save Your Business Money

    Making your business environmentally friendly isn’t just good for the Earth it may also be good around tax time. That’s because the IRS has a lot of tax credits and deductions in place for businesses that make an effort to go green and encourage their employees to do the same. Encourage Bicycling to Work Under […] Read more

  • How Small Businesses Can Take Advantage of Tax Savings when it Comes to Retirement

    According to the Small Business Administration’s latest survey, there were approximately 30.2 million small businesses in the U.S. in 2018 with a total of 58.9 million employees. That means a majority of those small businesses were run by just one person, maybe two at the most. Small business owners are stranded in a weird limbo […] Read more

  • Alternative Motor Vehicle Tax Credits

    When it comes to running a business, especially one that relies on transportation, it’s important that you take every advantage you can. It can be financially painful to purchase a new work vehicle every five to ten years and even more painful if you need to purchase more than one vehicle. Luckily, the IRS gives […] Read more

  • How Spring Cleaning and Tax Deductions Go Hand In Hand

    It’s springtime and for many people, that means spring cleaning. However, spring cleaning should not just be for your home, you should also think about extending it to your business. It’s tough to admit that the inventory that’s been gathering dust on your shelf is never going to sell, or the old business equipment that […] Read more

  • The Difference Between a Tax Credit and a Tax Write-Off / Deduction

    For non-tax people, it can be easy to consider a tax credit and a tax write-off to be one and the same. After all, both of them offer benefits on your taxes, ideally in the form of you paying less. In other words, they’re both good. But to a tax professional, they are actually different […] Read more

  • Public Aid Recipients

    The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is awarded to employers for hiring from ten target groups. Some of the most commonly certified (WOTC) groups are recipients of federal public aid, such as food stamps, family assistance (TANF) or social security. Chances are you’ve hired someone in this category without ever knowing it. Over 19 million […] Read more

  • Veteran Hiring Credits

    Do you know a military veteran in search of a job? When you recruit from this group, you bring jobs to the the men and women who have protected our country. Not only can your hiring practices benefit military veterans in need of work. You could also qualify for the federal Work Opportunity Tax Credit […] Read more

  • Tax Relief for Hurricane Michael & Florence

    Do you operate in an area affected by last year’s hurricanes? Do you hire persons in impacted areas? If so, your business may have extra time to submit Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) applications. Under typical circumstances, WOTC program participants have 28 days from new hires’ start dates to apply for the Work Opportunity Tax […] Read more

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